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Emergency Evacuation Information

In case of fire, Call 911

Community Public Safety Zones & Emergency Routes

If a wildfire approaches...

  • Park your vehicle facing out. Put valuables in the car. Keep car keys accessible.
  • Secure pets. Prepare them for transporting
  • Close shutters and drapes.
  • Place a garden hose and buckets full of water around the house.
  • Turn off gas at the meter or the propane tank.
  • Dress in long pants, long-sleeved shirt, goggles or glasses, a bandana to cover you face and a baseball cap. 100% cotton clothing is best.

During an evacuation...

  • Have your checklist and map ready listing actions you will take prior to and during the evacuation.
  • If you become trapped by fire while evacuating in your car, park in an area clear of vegetation , close all vehicle windows and vents, cover yourself with a blanket or jacket and lie on the floor.
  • If you are trapped by fire evacuating on foot, lie face down in an area clear of vegetation or in a swimming pool or defensible structure.

The biggest key to the success of a community’s
Fire Safety is public involvement.

  • Form a fire protection or forestry committee to organize and oversee needed projects and activities.
  • Install fuelbreaks at strategic locations throughout your subdivision.
  • Thin dense stands of trees and/or brush in common
    ground and greenbelts.
  • Maintain all road and street signs.
  • Install a fire danger sign at the entrance to your subdivision (ratings must be kept current on a daily basis) and other fire prevention signs throughout the subdivision.
  • Clear at least three feet around and above fire hydrants;
    check them periodically for adequate flow and pressure.
  • Reduce fuel under utility lines and around poles.

Trinity Center VFD
Emergency: 911
Firehouse: 530-266-3420

Coffee Creek VFD
Emergency: 911
Firehouse: 530-266-3955
Info: 530-266-3443

Mountain Community Medical Services (Trinity Hospital)
Emergency: 911
Tel: 530-623-5541

Trinity County Sheriff
Emergency: 911
Tel: 530-623-8127

Trinity Center Mutual Water Company
Tel: 530-266-3350

Trinity Knolls Mutual Water Company
Tel: 530-266-3504

Coffee Creek Acres Mutual Water Company
Tel: 530-266-3255

Seymour Water District
Tel: 530-266-3805

Treasure Creek Woods Mutual Water Company
Tel: 530-266-3286

Covington Mill Mutual Water Company
Division A (Covington Mill)
Tel: 530-246-9691

Covington Mill Mutual Water Company
Division B (Lake Forest)
Tel: 707-839-4527 (primary)
or 707-293-5875

Trinity Public Utility District
Tel: 800-968-7783

Trinity County Solid Waste
Tel: 530-623-1326 x108
Snow line x199

TDS Telecom
Tel: 800-358-3648

Trinity Center CSD
Tel: 530-266-3238

Trinity Center Post Office
Tel: 530-266-3455

Trinity Center Library
Tel: 530-266-3242

North Trinity Lake Improvement Association
Tel: 530-266-3807

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