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Stop The Tunnels

Trinity Lake and Bay Delta Conservation Plan

Trinity Lake Revitalization Alliance (TLRA) has partnered with Restore the Delta to educate the public about the impact of the BDCP's proposed water redirection
tunnels on the Delta and Trinity Lake.

These tunnels are refered to as the
Peripheral Tunnels or the Delta Conveyance Tunnels

The Restore the Delta website is a wealth of information about the BDCP and current news.

The California Water Impact Network (C-WIN) is extremely active in the campaign against the Delta Tunnels.

TLRA is a current member of Restore the Delta and C-WIN.

The Peripheral Tunnels are a proposal by Governor Jerry Brown to build two tunnels, 30 to 40 feet in diameter, buried 150 feet deep, and spanning approximately 35 miles under and around California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

The purpose of the Peripheral Tunnels Project is to redirect water from the Sacramento River around the Bay-Delta estuary and distribute that water to San Joaquin Valley agribusinesses and Southern California cities and suburbs. The range of the cost of the project is $20.6 to $68.98 billion. The project is scheduled to go forward without a vote of utility ratepayers or taxpayers. 

The project will harm Trinity County and Trinity River by drawing down Trinity Lake even more than its current 7-times overallocation.

There is absolutely no protection for Trinity Lake communities or River interests in this plan. Detailing any water export amounts and fishery protection flows are being put off until after the project is constructed. This 'plumbing before policy' decision misinforms the public of the true costs and benefits.

While Peripheral Tunnel proponents claim that the beneficiaries of the project will pay for it, they are planning on substantial subsidies from state and federal taxpayers amounting to billions more borrowed dollars.

Watch out for a Water Bond measure in 2014 to play for this one-sided project.

There are much more cost effective, job-producing and locally-based ways of providing water supply reliability including recycling, conservation, stormwater capture and groundwater desalination.

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